Sprinkler Maintenance

Southern California is still in a drought situation and there are no indications that this will change in the next several years.  This means we all need to take an active role in conserving water which includes regular sprinkler maintenance.  Not only will you be doing your part in preserving our precious water resources, you will also see the benefits of healthy lawns, shrubbery, trees and flowers. 


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We suggest a 3 – 4 month of professional scheduled sprinkler maintenance.  Gardeners, children, and pets can damage your sprinkler system resulting in inadequate watering, wasted water, and geysers.  Regular scheduled automatic sprinkler inspection is designed to keep your sprinkler system working properly and efficiently. 

We suggest a sprinkler “tune-up” every 3 to 4 months for the following reasons:

  • To adjust for coverage
  • Adjust sprinkler controller to increase or decrease watering times
  • Replace broken heads
  • Look for broken or leaking pipes & valves
  • Make sure your yard is lush and healthy

 We will arrange a maintenance program that is customized to fit your needs and lifestyle.  On a regular basis, we will inspect, repair, replace, tune-up, troubleshoot, and reprogram your controller for seasonal watering.  Our expertise will keep your sprinkler system working for maximum efficiency.