New Sprinkler Systems


We all live busy lives and chances are you do not have the time or inclination to hand water your lawn and plants.  The solution is automatic sprinklers which will keep your lawn and plants healthy while ensuring proper irrigation requirements are met to give you a green lawn, healthy plants, and thriving vegetation.  Automatic sprinklers use an automatic controller which is programmed to irrigate on a regular schedule for optimum watering.  At Robert Kuebler, we will service your controller seasonally to reprogram it for the most efficient watering schedule for summer, fall, winter, and spring.  Having automatic sprinklers takes all the guesswork out of am I watering enough?  not enough?  conservatively?  Let Robert Kuebler suggest the most effective automatic sprinkler watering schedule to maintain or rejuvenate your yards to make them an enjoyable place for you to entertain and relax.


When you have an automatic sprinkler system you will enjoy the benefits of hand free watering.  There are many options for automatic sprinklers and you can program them to water at selected times to handle specific functions as necessary.  Automatic sprinkler valves work in conjunction with your sprinkler controller, which means that watering becomes an efficient way to conserve water while using state of the art technology to achieve a beautiful, lush environment.  Automatic sprinklers are run through your sprinkler controller, which “talks to” your automatic sprinkler valves by using water pipe and electrical wiring. The controller is programmed to your yard’s specific needs and will water automatically without you having to think about it!  Automatic sprinklers take all the guesswork out of your outdoor watering needs. 

The most efficient way to water your lawn is by installing water saving sprinkler heads.  These are state of the art sprinkler heads that are able to water efficiently using less water than standard sprinkler heads. This means you are being environmentally friendly while finding a balance between having a green lawn and conserving water…our most precious resource.  Water saving heads come in various adjustable patterns to make sure you are not watering your sidewalk or street.  Water saving heads will save you money by decreasing your water usage yet keeping your landscape looking lush and healthy.

With the fusion of technology there has never been a better time to check out all your options with automatic sprinklers.  There are so many options to chose from while utilizing water saving technologies and staying within your budget.  These budget friendly innovations are more affordable than you think.  By decreasing your water usage your overall water bill can be reduced significantly.

Give us a call and we will be pleased to speak with you about all the choices available to design or modernize your automatic sprinklers.  With over 30 years of providing excellent service to thousands of customers, our goal is to find the perfect solution to all your irrigation needs.

Improperly mounted sprinkler timer boxes can lead to a host of problems. Notice the wires going inside the metal tubing? There is no protection from the rain or run-off from the sprinklers. Water can sit inside a pipe and eventually corrode the wires. Look at the after picture. Notice that all the components are protected from the elements with secure, watertight components.

Improperly Mounted Sprinkler Timer
Improperly Mounted Sprinkler Timer

We changed this so that operation would last for years!

Properly Mounted Sprinkler Timer
Properly Mounted Sprinkler Timer


Installing a new sprinkler system is a wonderful thing. I remember on one occasion somebody lived in their house for about 35 years. They still had the old galvanized sprinkler piping which was unusable.

We came in, dug new trenches, and installed new PVC pipe. The funny thing is they still had the old manual control valves which we ended up replacing and converted to automatic sprinkler valves with a sprinkler timer.  They no longer had to go through the effort of watering by hand and they were so amazed after living in this house for 35 years how much time they were saving.